Township of Randolph

Project Status (as of December 27, 2016)
As directed by the Morris County Board of Taxation and as ordered by the State Division of Taxation, the Township of Randolph must revalue all taxable real estate for the 2017 tax year to ensure uniform and equitable assessments. The Township has contracted with Appraisal Systems, Inc. to conduct the revaluation program.

Value letters are being mailed beginning Thursday, November 10, 2016. Please refer to the information in your letter to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a representative to discuss the proposed 2017 assessment.

Meetings are being held at locations within the Township. If you elect to schedule a meeting, the time and place of your meeting will be confirmed at the time of your call.

Introductory Materials
Introductory Letter (pdf file)
Randolph Twp Powerpoint (pdf file)
Revaluation Brochure (pdf file)

Inspector Info/Identification
Alex Kohatsu - Inspector 27 (pdf file)
Andre Astudillo - Inspector 138 (pdf file)
Bill Palumbo - Inspector 19 (pdf file)
Chris Anderson - Inspector 330 (pdf file)
Chris Rispoli - Inspector 204 (pdf file)
Dave Kaye - Inspector 90 (pdf file)
David Anzaldo - Inspector 123 (pdf file)
Doug MacRae - Inspector 95 (pdf file)
Doug Simcoe - Inspector 99 (pdf file)
Eric Rose - Inspector 5 (pdf file)
Jason Gowers - Inspector 4 (pdf file)
Jimmy Feliciano - Inspector 261 (pdf file)
Jon Flynn - Inspector 289 (pdf file)
Kevin Palumbo - Inspector 170 (pdf file)
Nadeem Qavi - Inspector 10 (pdf file)
Noel Treanor - Inspector 74 (pdf file)

Tax Impact
Final Tax Impact Worksheet (pdf file)
Final Tax Impact Worksheet (xls file)

Neighborhood Map
2017 Reval Neighborhood Map (pdf file)

Sales Reports
List of 2015 Sales (pdf file)
List of 2016 Sales (pdf file)
Sales Presentation Sheets Block 5 thru 93 (02 file)
Sales Presentation Sheets Block 97 thru 227 (pdf file)
Sales Presentation Sheets Condos Only (pdf file)

Assessment Lists
Proposed 2017 Assessments (pdf file)

Definitions and Codes
Non Usable Sales Codes and Definitions (pdf file)